She was brutally lonely
Silently seeking help
Caught in the web of her world
Unconsciously tied to her past
Addicted to her broken self
Raped of life and expressions
This must be the end
So she thought

Then came the stranger
Who saw everything she could be
From afar
He moved closer
Ready to rescue her dying dreams
She doubted him
No, she despised him
He held out his hands for days
Days turned weeks and weeks to months
Waiting for her

One moment she gave in
Allowed life to have its flow
The stream still flowing
Their lives full moving.

She Keeps battling
With a thousand questions
In her wounded mind
Stranger, are you here to stay?
And for how long?

Model: MStrings
D.O.P: ARKore
Script: ©MStings ft ARKore '20


  1. This is a beautiful write up, with lots of emotions...more ink to ur pen dearie

  2. I love this...

    What about the adorable dog

    1. The last episode comes up tomorrow. Thank you 👍

  3. Wow!!! This is an amazing write up...keep it up.

  4. This is really superb Kore.... In few words... Her life experience was penned... Keep it up dear


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