The Adorable Dog 3

Thank you for following to this extent.

Although, these stories doesn’t mean I’m lazy. My pet owners commend my swiftness when I run. 
They don’t know the reason why I don’t run often is to conserve my energy till the day someone or an animal will stray into my territory and I’ll unleash my power on it to prove that I’m not just fed for getting big alone but I can perform wonders too.

Let me draw the curtain of my story here. What can you learn from me?

Live life well. Enjoy the moments in time. Be contented as I am with my food but don’t be complacent. Preserve your energy and not wasting them on things that don’t count. 

Why show off? Conserve your strength and build on them for the day of battle.

That is the end of my story. I'm adorable, right?

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