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Mother never told me it won’t be all smooth, 
to ride on the plains and scale the mountains,
yet all I see in my front are phantoms —
descendants of Hades. 

Like the slithering snake of Salazar I struggle, 
for there lies no path behind where I am. 

My bat transcends Heaven with it eyes open at day, 
to see that eagles all around failed to see
to speak life, that which they all can't say. 

And to mutter their dumbness.

I am a stainless voice crying out,
speaking of the times you never lived,
of the melodies you never had – my eagles,

Mother never told me it won’t be all smooth.

© Korede Akarakiri.


  1. This is cool.
    It won't all smooth!

  2. Life is not a bed of roses and you may not be told everything you need to know about life.


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