Moving Sounds

From the joy you bring,
Or the life you imbue,
should I write you?
By you I bring forth my streams of praises to the creator of all;
In you emotions are built and crushed,
Many ìbàdí swing to your rhythms 
And numberless esè turn in your tunes.

I turn you loud when I'm joyous,
Bring you low when I'm observing life;
You are a fit for diversity...

Ìgbà tíìn bá fé jó, onílù jòwó, má gbé ìlù lo.

ìbàdí: waist
esè: Leg
Ìgbà tíin bá fé jó, onílù jòwó, má gbé ìlù lo : When I want to dance, drummer please, do not take the drum away.


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