A different kind of high

Have you ever experienced this scenario where as soon as a song comes on, you jump from where you're sitting and begin to move your body to the rhythm while singing along to the lyrics? Or, even if you didn't get up, you just found yourself lost in the labyrinth of music.

I have done this a lot and witnessed many of these scenarios too.

While it may seem amusing, this is the kind of high I'm talking about!

Where at that moment, it seems as if your soul is connected by a thread to the music and you don't feel the need to cut it off. It's just you, wrapped up in your own little music cocoon. No worries, depressing or vibe-killing thoughts. At this moment, you are high.

While music is highly recognized as a brain stimulator, science has also proven that listening to your favorite track can make you high. A new research at McGill University found that the act of listening to a song you really like can release dopamine, the same hormone that is associated with drugs in the brain.

However, a song that makes me high may sound like noise in your ears. So, it varies for everyone-it has to be your favourite song.

When you listen to a certain music or watch your favorite artiste perform and you get an intense feeling of euphoria, it’s a high!

What songs make you high?
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  1. Gospel worship songs and hymnals make me high most times

  2. Gospel music and it lyrics makes me high.

  3. Cool but what if I say music doesn't make me high. Weird right? Just kidding. Any song associated with Barbie makes me high!


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