Tales of Eve

Giggles, Laughter and lies are all you hear,

above the whispers of unanimous truth

 beneath the layers of unspoken words...

The language of forgotten hearts 

and syllables of broken tongues 

with the unyielding courage of a battered mind,

 well hidden from your wrath.

The smiles, submission and pretense are all you see, 

in place of the anger, 

laced with aged, nurtured malice 

that would be enough to shred bones.

And the pain...

Tears that would be crimson if they were to assume colour, 

that would flow in rivulets

 for the unheard voices crying,“Justice!"

I know Eve,

the chocolate-skinned beauty

 with soulful eyes and joyful smiles,

now reduced to a broken, unheard and violated spectacle.

And so, Eve's tales are Eve spun into words...




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