Rest in Peace

To those who did great. 
Countless service to humanity, 
Lifting others like human beings, 
Their heaven is assured — no debate. 

To thee who died in heroic duties.
Saving lives and protecting humanity, 
You truly are the blessings on Earth, 
Amazing souls of exceptional beauties. 

To beings who love and taught others love. 
Thou who saved humanity from monsters, 
Your place in history will be indelible, 
Guarding us from places there above. 

To those who we read about and smile.
Their beautiful tales and a life like gold,
Thee who did not give up on humanity, 
In hearts you shall live forever with smile. 

© Ololade Writes (Ololade Edun). 


  1. To Ololade who never stops writing. I speak blessing on you as a cleric on Omo ile keu


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