Nothing is more dreadful than being stuck with a boring book, especially when you need to read it as a literary text required for an exam or some research paper you need for your project. 

You stare at the pages and it feels like staring at some foreign language you haven't seen before. Other times, it is like a three-year-old kid looking at the pages of a sophisticated encyclopedia. Boring and confusing, right?
Then the voices in your head are screaming,
"How do I read this boring book? "

I can relate totally to it. Let me share with you a particular time that I found myself in this particular situation and how I was able to survive(lol, yes. That is the right word for that kind of torture). 

I was given a freelance project to write about a niche I was not familiar with. Since the pay was promising, I couldn't resist the charm like a guy can't resist the charm coming from a very pretty lady. Trust me, this project was my pretty lady. 

I had two options. One was to research the topic and the other was to turn back the project to the clients with explanations. As far as I was concerned, the latter was a no go area for me. So I started my research and luckily, came across a book that has an outline that covers every bit of information I needed. I downloaded it and gave myself the time range of reading it within three days (would it be a spoiler to tell you that I ended it within five days instead?)
The first day was nothing to write home about. My brain could hardly process the information well as it would normally process a fictional book. The second day was no different. Then I realized that if I wanted to submit the project on time, I had to figure out a way to get past the boredom this book offers and dive into the value in it. 

I searched the internet for tips on how to read boring books but all the options were more or less from people who never had to read boring books themselves. So I employed a method I remembered using during secondary school to study my boring biology notes. 

I have compiled these tips that I used to get through my biology notes(that I mark the most boring book on earth), which also helped me to read the book and submit the project on time. 

 1. Give yourself a reason 
For me, the attractive pay and the need to deliver value was enough reason to read to the very end. In school, My grades were enough reason to read through the biology note. Choose a very important and not-easily-wavering reason why you should finish the book in a speculated time frame. The reason should be important enough to keep you glued to the book to the very end even if you don't want to. That should be your motivation.

 2. Eliminate distractions
As long as your phone notifications keep buzzing or you keep sharing your attention between the book and other things, like your favorite TV shows, you won't get anything done. You don't have to manage your time. You just need to manage your focus because a distraction addiction is the death of productivity.  Multitasking is a good thing but when it comes to reading, it is a no-no. It doesn't work, especially when you are just trying to develop an interest in the topic. 

 3.  Break into sizable chunks and take breaks
If you want to eat an elephant, you start with a bit at a time. The book is your elephant, you can only survive eating it without choking if you consume it in small sizes. If the book is 10 chapters. Read 1-2 chapters at a time. Give yourself breaks to savor the delicacy you have consumed already. Do something entirely different during your breaks. Things that take your mind off the task. 

 4.  Read when you are more alert:-
For some people, they are more alert in the morning than at night. Others are nocturnal. If you are not nocturnal and you try reading at night, I can bet you'd be asleep before you get to the third page. The same is for someone who isn't a morning person, you might not comprehend anything too. Just use the knowledge of the kind of person you are and when you are mentally active to choose a perfect time. 

 5. Take notes
Just like taking notes in boring lecture rooms keep us from sleeping in class, taking notes when reading gives you something to do instead of dozing off after four pages

 6. Set aside a reward for yourself
Promise yourself a treat after finishing the book. This doesn't mean you must break your bank to treat yourself. It could be a simple treat of dinner out or your favorite snacks or a movie night or maybe even a new book(lol, an interesting one this time). 

In conclusion, even avid readers mark some books as boring so it's perfectly okay to think of a book as one. It is also okay to have DNF(did not finish) books if it is not compulsory to read the book. 

Above all, Reading is fun if you use the right approach. Have fun reading that boring book.

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  1. I'll go back to reading those books planned for this week o....

    Thank you...

  2. This is extremely helpful as it can also improve one's reading skill as a whole.

  3. Thank you, it was really helpful 😉

  4. So, I've been looking at this book for a while now, and I'm not even for thanks for this


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