Our daily lives are being hunted by daily difficulties, and these difficulties are meant to prepare us for the future . Even though, most times, when we are faced with these challenges, we tend not to see the bright light at the end of the tunnel. All we choose to see is the darkness that surrounds us.

In Chasing our dreams to get to the City of Success, we are often confronted by certain setbacks we never imagined or predicted, challenges that want to overpower us and problems that feel like they multiply instead of decreasing. Life’s default settings are full of ups and downs. Yet, “the grass is greener on the other side", is the story we are all told.

However, in our hands is the control to change these default settings step by step. With our decisions, dreams, lifestyles, experiences and environments, we tend to change these so-called defaults settings. In all these things, and more, do you just give up and walk away, or do you press forward regardless?
Pressing forward especially when it looks like the best thing to do is to give up might sound daunting or unreasonable, especially when the person is not going through the same thing you are passing through.
 There are however few questions that we need to ask ourselves when life seems hard. These few questions are meant to be the reset button to kick out our fears, worries, doubt and the negativities and bring back the hope, that dream, that vision, that goal which kept you on the path to the city of success. 

why did you start out in the first place? 

Were all the setbacks for nothing?
Only Few people won at their first trial, when you remember this, you will not be too hard on yourself. You should know that you can certainly overcome that thing that is trying to prove difficult. It takes tenacity to succeed. Moving forward is necessary, so that you will be sure that you tried your best.

Finally, when you get to the City of success those difficulties would become stories, and also a reminder that truly you can. When you get to the city of success don’t relent, don’t lose faith till you fully conquer the city of success. The green in this city only grows when you water the ground. This is one story that you haven’t heard. Water the green and you would fully conquer this CITY OF SUCCESS.

© Ukeme-obong Christopher & Oladipupo Paul Oluwadamilola


  1. "Water the green" Captivated and motivated! Thank you...

  2. It is so easy to start and also too easy to end but difficult to continue.

    Thank you for this

  3. Challenges are real, it makes you weak and fail when you take it as a barrier but makes you strong and win when you take it as a challenges. #neverabdicatefromwhatwillmakeyouachampion#


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