Power of Imagination

You're having a gist with someone and then he/she describes an extremely disgusting image, you'll suddenly feel irritated and may spit out. Or maybe he/she describes a very tantalizing meal, you may begin to salivate as if the food is physically present. Whichever way, your body just reacted to something you merely imagined in your mind. That's the Power of Imagination.

Imagination is simply forming images or ideas in one's mind. From the above illustration, it clearly shows that your brain has a problem of differentiating between reality and imagination. Your brain thinks the tantalizing jollof rice you imagined is real and causes your body react. Technically saying, you can do the things your mind imagines it can do, for whatever the mind conceives, it can achieve.

There is power in your imagination. Those valid dreams and incredible ideas you have to fulfil purpose, keep on visualizing them through imaginations, they would surely come to pass, although, they may not. 



Your imagination is not limited as it can imagine anything it wants to, and at the same time, it can be limited. 

A quick question; What is Milky Way?            
If you don't know, what image comes to your mind? I'm guessing a road with a milky expression (on a lighter mode), but it's actually the galaxy that contains our Solar System in space!

The point is, your brain can only correctly imagine things you know about, that's how it is limited. If you don't have any knowledge about a fish and someone describes it to you, you will never imagine the exact way a fish looks like. 

Your imagination is always at work with the data or knowledge inspired in you. So if you have this big dream of building an airplane and you have little or no knowledge about how it goes, it may not come to pass. 

Be sensitive about what is inside of you. Feed the contents of your mind. Flush out the bad contents in you, it distracts your imagination. And remember, what you're looking for is within you all the time. Think it! Dream it! Feed it! and your valid dreams shall come true. 💥
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