Although many parents compare their children with the intention and thought of spurring up the child to some level, very few or none of them know that these comparisons are unhealthy most times, because they produce more negative effects than positive ones.

Comparisons like this, lowers the child's self esteem and aplomb. Some children even develop hatred for their parents or the ones they are compared with. 

Do you know the consequences of comparing your child with others? 

 It causes hatred, antipathy, Animus,  rancour, malevolence, rivalry and others. It indeed kills  creativity and talent.

No parent wants their child to fail. Every parent's dream is to wake up from their dream and see their child being successful. I agree but this can't be achieved by comparing the child with others.

Each child has a different strength and ability to perform an action. And children are endowed with different, unique talents.

Comparing your child with others will only kill his/her talent it won't create a positive effect in such child.

1. Rivalry
2. Suppresses talent
3. Aggression
4. Builds hatred and others


A goal can be accomplished only if you have an intention of accomplishing it. There are some things a parent needs to watch, so as to determine the source of a problem  and how it can be solved instead of comparison. 

For every child has their own intention of what to be in the future but, some parents have proven to serve as obstacles to the success of their child.

Here are some tips of what to do instead of comparing your child :

1. Listen to your child and hear them out.

2. Give your child sound education. 

3. Treat your child with respect and love.

4. Allow them to think critically and take decisions on their own but you must guide them.

Here are some major flaws/faults of parents:

1. Every child has in mind, a goal and target for the future but it is hard to accomplish this when you don't listen to their opinions and thoughts. Parents should give their children a listening ear. Let them express their wants, likes and dislikes.

2. Some parents treat their own children as slaves, in that, once their child reaches a particular age, then all works and house chores will be place on such child and the child won't even have time for himself/herself talkless of other things. This will be decrease their ability and capacity of doing something worthwhile.

3. Educational problem

Be it formal, informal and non-formal education, problems arise when parents begin to think that giving their child sound education is just like doing them favour, Whereby it is their responsibility to do so.
4. Parents are different from guardians but parents should be the main guardians to their child but some parents don't guide their children nowadays. Parents that can't even guide themselves, how will they be able to guide their children.

Teach your child to be better not to by comparing your child.

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