The Similarity in Human

Was in the shower when a Yoruba phrase sounded so loud in my heart, 
Eni à bá tà káfi ra àtùpà, ó wà di eni àjítaná wò
Literally meaning, someone who should have been sold out to purchase a lantern, now becomes someone the lantern is being lit up for – a great one. 

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Growing up, my dad uses this phrase a lot when expressing gratitude to God, considering his lowly and disadvantaged background. And I, not brought up with a silver spoon either, grew up sometimes average and at times below average, but grew up in my parent’s best capabilities. And I’m grateful to God and to them.

But, does this phrase apply to just people who rose up from the mud or rock of impossibilities? 

I believe, we all as humans fall under the description of this phrase. Yes, your parents may be rich, and you were born into stupendous wealth, but, what if your parents have decided not to have you at the time you came, and successfully (since the money was there), evacuated you? Like, they meant no harm, you just didn’t come at the right time, or you came late when they have chosen not to have more children, like the western lifestyle. Or another instance, this is common with first children, when both parties are supposed not to engage in premarital sex, then boom! Pregnancy occurred. 

These and many more are situation which most of us escaped to be given birth to, and also, grew up in a country like Nigeria where the insecurity level is both felt by the poor majorly, and the rich try so hard without peace to protect themselves from the next danger they don’t know. 

So above all, you are not the most worthy to still be living, but here you are reading a blog post. 

Be Grateful, by most standard you shouldn’t be alive, but you are. 

There is a God, who makes all these possible. 


'Kóre Akarakìrì 


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  1. We all have reasons to be grateful sincerely. Thank you for this timely reminder

    1. This makes me more grateful for life. Thanks Korede.

  2. You're right, that proverb surely applies to everyone someway.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. What a write up! Keep it up bro, this is exceedingly didactical.


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