4 amazing tricks to read more in 2021

It's that time of the year when we think about the things we couldn't achieve in the present year and how to become better in the new year. Setting goals, creating a wishlist and energized for the new year.
If you planned to read a lot of books in 2020 but didn't meet up with the goals, 2021 is another perfect time to get back on track. 

Here are 4 amazing tricks to make yourself read more in 2021.

If you are expecting a charming recipe that you can add to your meal that'd perform the magic for you, then this post is wrong for you. Instead, you might prefer to find an herbalist.

 1.  Set SMART goals:- A lot of times, we set goals that are too laughable to be achievable. Like when we say "I will read more books in 2021", it is more like deceiving ourselves compared to when we say " I will read one book every week in 2021".

You would notice that the latter is more defined than the former. Setting realistic and measurable reading goals would help you to stay motivated. Don't forget to track your progress.

 2. Couple your reading time with something you do every day:- It is very easy to procrastinate every time you decide to read but when your reading time Is coupled with something you do daily, it is easier to beat the temptation to procrastinate. 

For instance, if you set your reading time just before going to bed or when you wake up early in the morning, your body gets used to the habit after a consistent display of the value.

 3. Try various book formats:- Gone are the days when reading only means staring at a page of a bulky book in hand, trying to grasp what it is about.

Now, if you are not a fan of hardcovers, you can try out ebooks and even audiobooks. 

One major advantage of ebooks is that you can go anywhere with them without feeling like you are carrying too much load. A major advantage of audiobooks is that you can listen to them while doing something else, maybe while working or exercising. 

 4.  Join a book club:- In the presence of fellow book lovers, there is fullness of Bookie joy. Being in a gathering of people who share the same values as you, who can recommend books to you anytime, and who are open to book discussion would help you achieve your goals better. 
If you would like to join a book club. CLICK HERE

Finally, reading a lot of books is not as hard as people make it seem like. It all depends on you and the decisions you make. Make the right decisions today and let's watch everything work together for your good.

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  1. I'd like to join your book club dear. Keep the fire burningg

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  3. Y'know I made an outrageous plan for my reading come tomorrow, I know it's possible but I was getting bothered with not completing the target. Then you can along with this article, and believe me it was amaze-wow. Thank you❤️💡


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