6 meals you can eat in place of rice

Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God as believed by Christians.  Usually this season is the season of rice and chicken. Since the closure of the border, the price of rice has sky rocketed and at the moment the price of rice is equal to the minimum wage in the country and not many people can afford it. Although, you can have a very merry Christmas without eating the normal jollof rice and fried rice.
 Here are six healthy meals and drink you can feed on this Christmas:

1. Spaghetti
Rice is a carbohydrate, so is spaghetti. In Nigeria spaghetti is sold within the range of NGN200-250. You can spice it up with several other proteins such as the regular chicken that goes with our rice on Christmas day, Sardine, Egg and even beef. 

2. Yam
If you are looking for full satisfaction then yam is one of your best options. A large sized yam goes for about NGN700-1000 depending on your area and your bargaining power. Yam also comes in it varieties .On Christmas day you can decide to pound it or spice it up with Chicken Pepper soup, Ofe Nsala (White soup).

3. Garri (Eba) with any soup
Garri in Nigeria is a very common food in Nigeria.  It is eaten across all social classes in the country. Garri is also one of the Nigerian meals that Nigerians have exported out of the country. It can be eaten with any and almost all Nigerian soups such as Ogbono Soup, Afang Soup, Egusi Soup and diverse kinds of soup that you know.

4. Beans
It is full of protein amongst other nutrients in minute quantity. A paint bucket of beans goes for about NGN 800. It helps repair our body tissues and aids our trip to the white house (if you know you know).

5. Peppered Gizzard
For over 3 years now, this has always been my choice. I prefer to eat more of this than eating any other meal. It is sweet and delicious. Will as little as NGN 1000 you can get a KG of Gizzard .

6. Zobo
It may sound funny but zobo is another cheap choice of drink this Christmas. With NGN500 you can get about 10 liters of zobo. It is however advised that you make your zobo yourself. Zobo has a lot of health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, protecting the liver, protecting the body against cancerous cells, it relives menstrual pain, and it is an antidepressant.


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