ìgbèyìn adùn

 Be very honest with yourself in answering this question: How do you feel this Christmas?"

The Christmas excitement aside, this season gives some people chills because it also marks the end of the year. 2020 has been hectic for most people and if you're among those who are not particularly happy this Christmas, probably because you think you haven't achieved much this year or you don't have money to spend this season, then this piece is for you.

I'll tell you a story...

Last week Friday, I watched a Christmas Carol service on Television and the theme of the Carol was Out of Darkness". One of the highlights of the program were the testimonies but, the one that struck me most was the testimony of this particular lady.

She said just before the COVID-19 Lockdown began, she had an accident. She recovered but she still struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder even after leaving the hospital. The PTSD was also accompanied by ugly episodes of depression.

She began to think about her life, how she was 30 and had barely accomplished anything in life. At a point, she decided to stop drowning and took the first step out of depression- she talked to someone, her Pastor. He prayed with her and assured her that it doesn't matter how bad the situation may look, this year, she would have ìgbèyìn adùn.

She keyed in and long story cut short, this December she has numerous testimonies. COVID-19 lockdown turned out to be the best season of her life.

In essence, I'm saying that it doesn't matter how it looks right now, this is just a season that would pass. Everything will be all right, have faith and keep pushing. You might need one more push before your big win.

Cheer up and enjoy Christmas! Love is in the air, embrace as much as you can🤗🤗

Merry Christmas in advance

ìgbèyìn adùn - A happy ending.

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