In Love With Narco ❤️

RECAP: I scan my belongings and as she turns to go, I stop her abruptly when I find out that my credentials are missing...
      "Madam Rose,  I can't find my credentials here. They are probably in my apartment. Can I get them before I leave?", I request with teary eyes.
     “Alright but only on one condition, you will leave your luggage out here. Be careful of how you approach her , she is quite hot-headed". I agreed to her terms and went inside the building.
     When I got inside the building, sweet  memories with George rushed into my mind. Even though he is the reason behind my problems, i still owe George a lot. He couldn't afford to further his education when our parents passed away and helped me with my tuition fees. Whatever i have become today, it's all thanks to him. It really breaks my heart to know that I would be leaving my apartment soon. 
    I heard a strange noise when I got to the stairs leading to my apartment and I rush into my apartment to find out what's going on. My eyes almost bulge out of their sockets as I behold a dead body lying on the sofa. I scream at the top of my lungs and immediately get knocked out from behind. 
    When I regain consciousness, there is a bloody knife in my hand. Madam Rose walks in right at that moment and begins to wail as she sets eyes on the corpse. She brings out her cellphone in shaky motions and dials the police. She suddenly turns to me with an angry yet disgusted expression, grabs the knife on the floor and threatens to kill me if I try to escape.
         “You killed her. Didn't you? I can't believe you were this  desperate to get your apartment back.You were angry because she moved into your apartment, isn't it?" 
         “No...", I try to explain what happened but she gives me a slap and calls me a murderer. She summons everyone in the building and ask them to make sure I don't escape.
After about ten minutes, I hear a siren outside the building. The police have come for me. They handcuff me, and take the statement of everyone else in the building.
For the first time in my life, I get to see how the inside of a prison looks like. I don't know what came over madam Rose but she seems really excited to see me go to jail. Could she be the real murderer? Who knocked me out earlier? There are so many questions on my mind but I am still too dazed to ask. The only words that I mumble are, "I'm innocent. I didn't kill her" as I give my statement. Meanwhile, Madam Rose hands the knife over to the Police. 
        “Madam, did you touch the knife with your bare hands?", one of the officers asked.
        “Yes, I took it from her. I felt she might stab me with it too", she replies.
       “Well, madam , sorry to tell you this but the both of you are now our prime suspects. We were going to detect the fingerprints on the knife but you have ruined the evidence."
“Officers, take them to the cell." My world goes spinning here and I think Madam Rose is too shocked to talk, she just stares on like she's in a trance. I bet she didn't expect this. 
Our clothes and jewelleries are seized. Madam Rose burst out in tears as we are taken to different cell units. While I on the other hand, am at a loss for what to say. It all feels like a terrible nightmare.
Inmates from other cells call me a criminal as I am escorted to my cell.  I am really upset with my current situation, but I also feel bad for madam Rose. When I get to my cell, the inmates give me disdainful looks and also call me a murderer.
      “I'm not like any of you. I'm innocent", I counter. They get mad at me and  beat me up. The sound of my groaning and screaming gets the attention of the wardens. I thought the wardens would be on my side but they side with the other inmates.
        “Hey, what's your problem? You just got here few minutes ago and you have started causing trouble". They leave and my inmates mock me. 
        “Pretty face, come give me a massage", one of the inmates call out to me.
        “Go give the boss a massage", the fat one standing beside me adds.
I follow her orders to avoid being beaten up again. I sprained my ankle in the fight so I can't walk properly.It really hurts. Infact, everything hurts! Tears come out from my eyes as I give her a massage. My tears drop on her shoulders and she orders me to stop.

        “I'm Cynthia. What's your story", she asks nicely. I take my time but eventually tell her everything. When she notices the tears threatening to spill out of my eyes again, she embraces me.
       “I feel really bad for you girl. I mean, you lost your job, your shelter and your freedom in just one night. How about I help you escape tomorrow? You can get away from here during dinner".
      “ Cynthia, that will make me a fugitive. I can't do it. It will only add to my problems", I scowl.
      “So are you just going to sit here and pay for the crimes you didn't commit? If you do that, the real murderer is going to get away with it. Do you really want that?"
      “You have a point, but how am I going to survive outside? No cash, no apartment. It won't be easy for me. How did you get here anyway?"
      “I killed my uncle when he tried to take advantage of me and I've been here for 15 years now. Just trust me, I have connections here. I will get you some cash  and clothes tomorrow", she assures me. She goes to bed after our discussion and I am all alone...
I can't sleep, I keep thinking about what we discussed. If I stay here, Andrew won't bother me again. If I don't, I will be free. Cynthia is right after all, I need to find out who the real murderer is. I am going to get myself and madam Rose out of here.

   To be continued..............

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