Magic Words

"There are five magic words (2x
There are five magic words that I know;
Please, Excuse me, Sorry, Thank you and the last one Pardon me."

Our beautiful voices would render this rhyme with excitement back then in primary school as we returned to our various classes after morning assembly. Years after, I have pondered on the wordings of the rhyme and realised its deep truth.

"Please, can I have some water?"
"Excuse me Ma'am, you dropped your pen."
"I'm so sorry for not picking your call."
"Thank you for the lift!"
"Pardon me, I didn't know you weren't around."

Magic words. Words that can easily soothe a person's aggressive feeling within seconds.

A lady once mistakenly stepped on the foot of another lady and the immediate response of the lady she stepped on was quite remarkable. Rather than flare up, without waiting for an apology, she bent down, wiped her foot and said "I'm sorry"

The lady who stepped on her was surprised and admitted that it was her fault for not watching her step. From there, they became good friends. Unlike the attitude of this lady, some of us would even stretch out the foot for her to clean and that's not proper!

Learn to forgive before the offender even apologises. It sincerly gives you peace, inner peace. The way you speak and address others deeply reflects your personality and mannerism. 

One thing you may not know is that people look up to you. They notice you, not just your physical appearance but also the inward you and they tend to imitate you if you really inspire them. Portray good manners. Bring out the good in bad people with your lifestyle.

Show appreciation to those who help you, it will encourage them to do more as it indicates that you aren't ungrateful. You may not know what that person may have gone through or sacrificed in order to assist you. 

Be good, be kind, be nice and be sweet. 


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  1. Wow, Magic words.
    I will put this into more practice

  2. Oladapo OluwamayowaDecember 3, 2020 at 3:00 PM


  3. Hmm
    Wonderful piece, if Nigerians can incorporate the aforementioned, Nigeria will become great again. Thanks Famoroti.

  4. The magical writer, with magical words. Thank you for the ever-timely reminder.

  5. Splendid write up full of morals, thanks for this


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