So long many years ago
Me; little, weak and helpless
Hid on the field of my mind
Which have I so much ado
Bitter and denied the taste of world's gladness
Clouded eyes with tears and blows of gipsy wind

This is how past is like to me
Like a mild Autumn evening
With a mournful sky hanging over
Abandoned land and a body with stings of bee
A farm without clover flowers blooming
Or a warm rose of lavish Summer

Look, how grown up and bright
Like a full moon is my smile
From grief I finally sail away
And my pillows are dry at night
Bad memories are written in a black file
Burnt by sun as the sunset die away

But once in a while in my dreams
I see nightmares like a flash
And on my face trickle down strange tears
Look around and so my face beams
I spot you and into your arms I crash
Your whispers so clear in my ears

It's okay to feel in the past
Cry all you want, I'm here
None was your fault
Your voice, a balm to my depressed past
As you promise to always be there
Reminding me none of it was my fault.

© Ayomide Lawal

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