Sweet Love

Yay! it's that wonderful time of the year.🎉
It's Christmas, a perfect time to talk about love right?😁

So love is an extremely beautiful feeling of affection, that has four kinds–storge, phileo, eros and agape. The greatest of them all is agape love, God's love for man, the main reason for this festive season! 


Storge is the love toward our family members. It can rarely be broken. Even when we've been grossly offended by them, we still exhibit tolerance which is an attribute of love. As long as there's a biological relation, there's this fondness that exists for such people.

Phileo is the compassion between friends which also flow to others irrespective of their tribe, religion, status or any other difference. This is generally the love for humanity.


Eros, the most misunderstood of all, is the romantic feeling between couples or 'soon to be couples'. It is an intimate affection and intense desire, towards one's partner. This kind of love is often mistaken as infatuation and lust. Lust or infatuation often leads to premarital sex. It is sweet, but sometimes, things are sweeter when you know it's wrong. True love is patient, so patient.


Lastly, our wonderful Agape love. God's love for man has no 'terms & conditions'. No deed can measure up to His love and He can never stop loving us. His love comes with goodies like grace and mercy. Amazingly, agape love lasts forever and it comprises of all kinds of love. 

Storge- As parents love their children, God as a Father loves us His children. 

Phileo- God loves the whole world and has shown compassion (love in action) by paying the heavy price for our sins. His love isn't biased as He created every dynamic being in the world. 

Eros too? Well yes. God loves us intimately and desires we share this intimate relationship with Him. 

On a final note, love is best expressed in action even without feelings attached so spread love this festive season and beyond. 

Love and be loveable. 

Merry Christmas!❤️


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