To love again or not

To love again or not 

The tsunami of emotions was inexplicable. 
It was like being in a disaster over and over again - 
And finding out that the upshot was never what I have puzzled out.

If time machines will be present in the future,
I will quickly hop into it, 
I will go back to this day,
Tell my younger self that I did everything right except one:

"Love yourself, devote your heart to none.
No man is an island, that's very true but at the end, 
You close your eyes to sleep on your own, Yes you do. 

Giving all the pieces of yourself to someone and leaving nothing to yourself was the worst decision you made, 
But it has made you stronger.
It wasn't your fault that you chose to do that, they had a choice too,
But they have chosen to break you. 

To love again or not, 

Will be the hardest decision and choice you'll have to make"


Oluwaseyi Esther is A BELIEVER IN CHRIST. A student of OAU, Ile-Ife. She is a writer. Effervescent. A Chelsea Fan.
A Jon Bellion freak.
A Chartered Accountant (In Embryo).

You can reach her on whatsapp @ +234 818 465 5068


  1. Kudos to her.

  2. The mood and diction you used, was cautiously sustained to the end, which makes the connection with the subject matter, more easier to grasp for a reader. Simple, but speaks a whole lot.

    Also, you use of tenses drives it home, with a few corrections to note - except it was intentional (Compare my correction to what you wrote.)

    Filled with wishes and emotions, but, it's just life, our mistakes are meant to make us better - it depends on us tho.

    Great work, Esther.

    Keep writing.

  3. This is awesome.
    The emotions were intense😌


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