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My name is Okafor Victor, a business enthusiast, founder of "Theovi" an exclusive business community where proven and tested business ideas are shared for startups and internet entrepreneur help one another to become better and make more money



Why do I call this a Filter Page?

I call this a filter page because I always strive to discourage small dreamers from getting access to me.

The button at the end of this page leads directly to my WhatsApp dm, In as much as the secret I’m exposing to you comes at "ZERO COST", Do not click on it if you fall under this category:-

1. You are not ready to work with or invest money in your business or yourself (probably you have this fear of losing money instead of having the joy of what you can achieve with it)

2. If you lack the hungry willpower to WIN and make money & haven't done any form of business whatsoever before.

Then I’m not for you, kindly make do with popular online investment schemes, (Don’t fall for Scam please).

If otherwise, you may want to pay CRITICAL ATTENTION to every detail below:

Imagine I GUARANTEE you of making 100k/ a week and give you the whole amazing technique, secrets, skills and ultimate guide costing 10k for FREE.

I would bet 5k on you that If you fall short the 100k/week  target... then I would credit you with the 5k and you still have the benefit of everything I will offer you which is still Guaranteed to make you at least 100k but then might be in 2 weeks or more depending if you aren't lazy!

Now stop imagining because thats what you're about having access to right now!

Before I give you access to this secret, here is why you should believe every word I have to say,

I know you might have been hopelessly dumped at the tail of a referral scheme, been scammed by an investment site or worse still been sold into some GURU's secret course that never gets revealed but...


Not to sound bogus or make a claim as big to create a doubt in your head, I've spent thousands of naira RESEARCHING, TESTING and making SUCCESS and countless failures... and here is the cheapest of the courses I have paid to Expertnaire to know how this unusual business model works... so you don't have to do much stress...  PROOF BELOW

 From the look of things you would realized now that I am not some sneaky GURU selling you into some half-baked schemes!

I am straight forward and have spent much mastering my skill (marketing & sales) at the back of my palm.

Here is a proven business (with skill included training in less than 2 weeks) you can start guaranteed to make you at least 200k/week without disrupting your studies, job or existing business.

Probably before you roll out your eye and hit your home back button hear me out 

Expertnaire is an affiliate marketing platform. Where you generate ENORMOUS passive income by simply connecting hungry buyers to sellers of Hot-selling, in demand digital products and earn as high as 50 - 80% commission per sale. Amounting to about 10 -50k per sale.

Imagine making 10sales with a 10k commission... sweet 100k, and you are GURANTEED to make at least 100k/ week.


And the best thing is....

•¶You get paid every Friday.

•¶You can increase your earning by working hard and decide when you work.

•¶You don't need to run delivery or create any form of logistics.

•¶You don't need to own a physical or create an online store.

•¶Your job is to pitch the buyer to the seller and make tons of money from the sale, which I as a MARKETER will guide YOU hand in hand.

•¶And lastly freedom from money issues making you overthink

With still as little as less than 4000 Nigerians into it crushing it.


But the big objection is...

How much are you willing to invest in yourself in return?

Would a range of 20k - 50k be enough for a return of as high as 100k/week and over 500k/ month? I don't need your money neither would I demand you pay a dime to me... but are you ready to work with it for yourself to achieve your desired income?

This is the sole reason I created this page, 

 To separate you who is ready to take this prosperous and highly rewarding lifetime opportunity, you who is serious and ready to demand from life what is rightfully yours after tons of past hard work AWAY from those who are constantly looking for the next big scams (when it crashes, what next?). Before Access to my whatsapp Dm

I have built my community upon this standard and here is a proof of some affiliates earnings

A dream had a bright beginning...

As I said earlier, I surround myself with only people who dream big.


Millionaires are made!

This will blow your mind, below is Mbaka Paschal, a colleague of mine who made "over 1million naira in 4 days and over 2 million in a month...PROOF BELOW

As I said earlier, I surround myself with great minds and I have successfully partnered with him on how to make you successful in this Affiliate Marketing business by handing you a copy of his Unique selling systems which he sells for 10k for FREE.


3 reasons why people fail in business are:

1. They have the skill, job or business but lack the skill to market or sell to attain their consistent income goals.

2. They don't have a guide/mentor to show them through the next step.

3. They don't know what to start. Thus, they hop on every scam called the next big thing.

Fortunately, you would have a lifetime access to all this and more for free! Such as this below and more

Maybe a few review by my people will leave you scrambling to have a piece of this mind-blowing CAKE.


Why is it all FREE?


I believe helping people push you to becoming your best self and that's why I never shy away from doing the most I could do for people. Moreover I believe building a network of great mind is Gold!

If everything you are about having access to doesn't make you a dime (which is impossible if you arent lazy) Then I would offer you a lifetime free consultation which I charge 50k/session on how to start from deep down scratch mother-earth zero to at least 5 figures in a week + my bet on making you 100k/ week with the unique selling system.

How's that? Fair Right?

So I ask again, what do you want?

Like you would always say with your friend, well...

"I just need something that would be bringing money in for me on a regular basis"

I've got a really GREAT OFFER FOR YOU. Ive put some time aside on my calendar to help you solve this problem and get your desired outcome but,

Are you ready to invest in yourself for greater rewards?

Are you ready to crush your 2021 TARGET?

Did you meet the requirements at the start?


If your answer is yes, now Send a message in this format:


"Hi Victor, let me have access to the introductory video and make a decision, I have the required capital to start my name is ____________"

 To my WhatsApp dm here


And I will send you the FREE MIND-BLOWING introductory video on all you need to know if to take this opportunity or miss it


Click here now -


Good luck


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