"The train keeps moving, no retreat no surrender, 
No clouds, no rain so we're getting better,"

*       *         *

Heart breaks, every city every corner, 
Hearts lose brakes, every season every summer, 
See my people failing, every January and December.

The train keeps moving, no retreat no surrender, 
No clouds, no rain so we're getting better, 
Whoever is ready to leave should use the exit button, 
And always the door on it hinges — who is going? Who wants to enter?

Right now,
I look like a pagan, an' unbeliever,
To the game of love, a loner and a wanderer.

Love burns, every mind every lover,
Love heals wounds, every scar every knit of a spider,
Let out those tears, every rollercoaster and Ember.

The weeds keeps growing, no fret no stagger,
No hoe, no axe but we're pulling it out with our fingers,
Anyone who fails to labour should expect no harvest,
And the stiff land needs to be soften — who's ready to sweat? Who has the most water?

So till then and now,
I'm a doggerel bard and a writer,
To the land of love, a traveler and stranger. 

© Kore Akarakiri and Ayomide Lawal

Korede R Akarakiri, (ARKore), is a Christian. He writes from Nigeria.
A student of English language, Obafemi Awolowo University. A creative photographer and writer, who publishes his works on his multi-blogger blog (ARKore Writes), where he is the Editor-in-Chief. 
He is a student of life.
You can reach him on 
@arkorearts on IG. 
And on Whatsapp @ +2348142233385.

Ayomide Lawal is a Nigerian writer, poet and a linguist to be. 
She's a poet for Arkorewrites, and some of her works has been published in Elegance Dreamer Anthology. 
You can connect with her on WhatsApp 08104680447.

*    *     *
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