The End of An Era


"Even the best leadership has a tenure, know when time is up"




The End Of An Era

He came in with a charm

He broke the law's arm

He spoke too many harm

Yet was the chosen man.

He demolished the enemies' fortress

And sent their captains into the casket

He staged the world as a war set

He dictated the tune like one playing clarinet.

He wielded the compassion of evangelicals

He made jest the impeachment of democrats

He labelled many blacks as rascals

Yet was God's sent for this era.

The cotton has rolled away

The music has stopped to play

His feet has no place to stay

As another takes over White House today.

Philip Owolabi is a poet, dramatist and writer of other forms of creative works. He can be reached at Kingdom Skits on YouTube and Philipreality on instagram.

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