The Visiting Wraith

Lying haplessly on the floor was a note,
And it read "I Died So As To Live Again".

*   *   * 

Dawn came with a different taste today, 
it bored the sun out of its shimmering beauty —
just a big ball of burning fury, 
it didn't shine, it waltzed away in shame, 
when it realized that I was far from being fine. 

Darkness like a thief crept in again, 
it tiptoed into my life, it came to loot, 
but this time I am bare, with nothing to lose, 
what it wanted was beyond things I could give. 

There it stood in the corner of this house,
on the very wooden chair, you always sat on,
it came in a miniature form, wearing your blouse,
mocking me to my face —
a testament that you were gone. 

& then it tried to whisper from afar,
but the ears of my soul were latched up close, 
another attempt to inflict a scar,
on my heart —
this heart had gotten many a dose.

& then I trudged to your bedside,
to have a feel of you for one more time,
lying haplessly on the floor was a note,
& it read "I died so as to live again."

That was the calm after the storm,
your assurance —
one that I badly needed.

©Amoye Favour

Amoye Favour is a Nigerian Poet and Copywriter. His poems have appeared in so many literary magazines including the "Literatus Issue" and many others. He is a poet for ARKore Writes. You can connect with him on WhatsApp on +2348136390656.

*   *   *  

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