Aubade For A Spark Gone Missing

There are a few things I find amusing about you; first, everything about you is beautiful.....

 * * * 

You make a good sight from palette of colours. You always know how to blend them. You create memories, breathe her wings, and tell her to fly towards me. Colours are now a direct contrast to what we were: you, bright and beautiful — a sunflower in a garden of hibiscus. I do not know what to say about me, but compared to what we were; I'd say uncertain and clueless.

There are a few things I find amusing about you; first, everything about you is beautiful. You paint with those tiny brushes but what I see is a god conjuring life out of colours. I like the silky brushes because you use them around the edges; I dream of the days you'll paint with them on me. The way you hold them like they are fragile sticks made from glass — I waited for the day you'll caress me like that. You like an enchantress, you pay so much attention to details that you stole my attention too.

But... We fell apart like a pack of card.

Our love now sprout thorns and we broke it wings. I would have said it is an absence of spark, but the bright colours in your paintings and the smooth rhythms in my writings say otherwise. They said two phlegmatic creatures aren't made to love each other; but I really wanted to prove them wrong. Now, it seems you are giving them all they needed for validation. I always envisage me being your muse but such is not the case.

But what do I know?

Let me continue to watch you stroke those brushes but this time from afar, maybe then we can reach a recompense. Maybe today... Maybe tomorrow ... Maybe never.


©Amoye Favour


Amoye Favour is a Nigerian Poet and Copywriter. His poems have appeared in so many literary magazines including the "Literatus Issue" and many others. He is a poet for ARKore Writes. You can connect with him on WhatsApp on +2348136390656.

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  1. This piece makes me teary. Maybe because I can feel the message too close to me.

    Pen on

  2. See me reading this piece over and over again! Well done sir!


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