Nigeria's Demo of Craziness


When humans began to settle down in families, leading to the establishment of villages which later developed into towns, cities, and nations, suitable governmental structures had to be initiated in order to oversee the affairs of the people. Regardless of their differences in ethnicity, religion, culture and traditions, all that matters is the uniformity of their geographical region. 

Democracy is one of the common ways through which certain people get to represent the rest of the people in administering governmental duties. Simply, the whole population or all the eligible members of a nation, have the right to elect suitable representatives in governmental duties that would work in their favour and the nation as a whole.

Nigeria as a nation, geographically situated at the western part of the African continent, is noted for operating under the democratic system of government. Although, a civil war occurred from 1967 to 1970, followed by a succession of democratically-elected civilian governments and military dictatorships, democracy in Nigeria became stable after the 1999 presidential election.

However, in recent times, this democracy has been tipped over to the cruel side of disfavour for most Nigerians. The harsh and unfavourable state of the nation is mostly due to the irrational and insensitive decisions made  by the elected representative(s).

Every day, Nigerians wake up to new abnormalities in the system. For example, the silence over the return of SARS (a supposedly body of the security unit that has proved a great threat to the lives of the youths), the steady loss of value of the Nigerian currency, the suspension of Twitter - one of the most important social media platforms, amongst several others. Overtime, Nigerians have gotten used to this new pattern of disorder and it has become the normal way of life of an average Nigerian. The abnormal has gradually become the normal.

As a Nigerian, do you believe we could ever operate a true democracy in Nigeria? How do you think this could ever happen?

These are the questions on the floor today to be answered. 

Drop your comments and let's reason together.

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  1. I feel Nigeria will be better if we can run a natural two-party system because we are running a multi-party system that doesn't feel like one. If we have a two-party system where we know the oppositions and their ideologies, then we can go for the one that will benefit the country. And it won't be a system where one party runoff to another party.


    We can create a strong youth association, re-orientate ourselves about democracy by having the interest of the people of this country at heart, be united, and get rid of this gerontocracy.

    This way Nigeria can breathe the air of democracy and not demo of craziness.

    1. Brilliant ideas✨
      But I would agree more with the former. Just that members of these parties should have majority of the youths.

  2. I feel we have the templates of democracy set by our forefathers so definitely it can work but as I hold as a strong opinion for mine that if we are to, we need to have a massive overhaul mentally and strategically to ensure that we get what democracy really entails, we need to know what exactly we are doing and realizing that democracy is indeed an excellent system of government if only we get it right

    1. Absolutely! Knowledge and getting things right🙌


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