Are you a real entrepreneur or a wannabe entrepreneur?

With entrepreneurship, now one of the trending words around the universe, it is important to know that more and more people leave their 9-5 jobs every day to take on the full armour of entrepreneurship. However, despite the number of people who paint the entrepreneurial tag on their foreheads, only a few of them are real entrepreneurs.
There is a thin line between real entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs but, some people who find themselves on the wannabe entrepreneur list still love to flaunt the tag of a real entrepreneur. Even though, their habits, drive and work ethics are not in any way the same as that of the real entrepreneurs.

There is only one kind of a real entrepreneur while there are various kinds of wannabe entrepreneurs. Do you want to know if you are a real entrepreneur or a wannabe entrepreneur? 

Check out these 5 types of wannabe entrepreneurs and why people just migrating to entrepreneurship should never emulate them.

The Lazypreneurs

This set of entrepreneurs are the kind of entrepreneurs that leave their 9-5 jobs because they believe that entrepreneurship has to do with working fewer hours. They also believe that they will not have to answer anyone's call since they are the boss of themselves. 

If you are new to entrepreneurship or looking to leave your job and join the entrepreneurship train, then you have to understand that during the first couple of years, you will have to work longer hours. You can be on your bed by 2 am, trying to finally get some sleep when a client will call you up for a review, order or anything.

For most lazypreneurs, they start up the first few weeks going to work or starting work by 7 am. Then, after a couple of weeks, they relax and start resuming duties by 10 am or even noon or anytime that suits their mood. 

The Over-under entrepreneurs 

Those what-I-ordered vs what-I-got pictures and videos you see online are typical examples of the over-under scenario. This is where the entrepreneur promises more than he can ever deliver.

Most entrepreneurs are good at promising more than they can deliver. Have you ever seen sales copies that read "Transform your black skin into the fairest of them all within a week"? This is not to say that every sales copy with that kind of promise is fake but in most cases, they are only promises of results that end up leaving clients wondering when they will ever get results. 

If you are an entrepreneur who promises more than they can deliver, although new clients might still get charmed by it, it won't be long before your credibility hits rock bottom and everyone knows what's going on. 

The Babypreneurs

Have you ever wondered why they say that entrepreneurship isn't for everyone? Yes, they were talking about the Babypreneurs. They are the kind of wannabe entrepreneurs who take every jab at their business personally. They expect everything in the business to go well and whenever things don't go as planned, they let it affect their productivity.

Before joining the entrepreneurship train, you should understand that things will go wrong sometimes. In some cases, it is due to factors you can control while in some other cases it is due to factors you can't control. Whatever the case may be, don't throw yourself at the wolves just because things are not going on well with your business. 

The Get-Rick-Quick entrepreneurs 

It's funny sometimes how some people start a business today and expect to be making as much money as Dangote immediately they start. Wannabe entrepreneurs do not believe in step by step process and that they might not be getting results immediately.

If you are just joining the train, you should understand that making good money from your business may not be immediate. Get rick quick entrepreneurs always get frustrated if, by the first few weeks of business, they haven't made as many sales as they thought they will. They eventually let go of the business idea and wait for the next. 

The partypreneurs

Everyone loves the fun. Everyone wants to party but, when you spend more time partying than building your empire, then you are only a wannabe entrepreneur. Real entrepreneurs can create a balance between work and fun in a way that they don't spend more hours in the club each week than the hours they spend on their business. 

Asides from the fact that you waste valuable time, it is also possible that it will make you lose your credibility. No one wants to do business with an entrepreneur who loves a bottle of booze more than his dreams. People don't entrust their money with someone who might be seen drunk on a Monday morning. 

On a final note, modelling some of these habits would only make you frustrated, broke and sometimes, out of business. Decide which side of the line you are on; the real entrepreneurs or the wannabe entrepreneurs. Making the decision is not just enough, consistently check your habits, new and old ones and compare them with the entrepreneurs you would like to be like in few years.

Entrepreneurship isn't as rosy as they say neither is it as hard as you think, it all depends on your work ethics and habits. 

Can you now answer the question; Are you a real entrepreneur or a wannabe entrepreneur? 

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