REMINISCENCE | Aliyu Yakubu.

REMINISCENCE | Aliyu Yakubu.

handshake ceased
to be a symbol and expression 
of brotherhood


At a time like this
last year
the whole idea of communal living
was redefined
as human beings were forced
to stay in their individual huts
and avoid each other
in order to stay alive.

At a moment like this
twelve calendar months ago
handshake ceased
to be a symbol and expression 
of brotherhood
even grandparents were advised
to stay away from their children.

At a time like this
in the year 2020
marriages failed
businesses collapsed
the global food chain
got disrupted
the entire world was battling
with an existential threat
all of a sudden
the whole world 
came to a standstill.

We stayed indoors
with fingers wrapped 
round prayer beads
in supplication
praying and hoping 
that Providence will see
our pious dispositions 
and make this pestilence
pass over us.

Dr. Aliyu Yakubu is a lecturer at the Department of Applied Microbiology/Biology, Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa. He is into poetry and short story writing. Aliyu can be reached on:

Phone Number: +2348067834134.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, he is really a pacesetter and educator.

  2. He is actually an academician and a good poet writer


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