"Lovers, let love go for love's sake
On the other side, lots are at stake"

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There is this tough side of love
The side lovers never talk about or enough
Afraid to say or maybe too lurid to believe
Too achy.

Achy vulnerability made with no diverse
It breaks those who dare and the deviants
Those who dare dive into its true colors
My heart from this attack still screams black.

Black is the darkness loneliness is made of
I have had to dim my light for love
Had my wings of strength clamped 
It did not suffice
And I buckled under like a slave for sacrifice. 

Sacrifice of love is like the sweats of a fowl
Never seen enough even if your head growl
Or when pain wake you up to tears and fear
The truth is that love doesn't care. 

Care to know how I hide under the shadow of love?
Forever keeping this promise I made to love
To leave is to die in this nature
Ignoring all truths just to be with this creature. 

This creature clogs awaken identity
The addictive pain like poison I keep drinking
An euphoria key that opens the door of despair
This is where we roof the downfalls of humans who dared to be lovers. 

Lovers, let love go for love's sake
On the other side, lots are at stake
Burdens you never can leave behind
Be wise. Love is never blind.

© Ayomide Lawal

* * *
Ayomide Lawal is a Nigerian writer, poet and a linguist to be. 
She's a poet for Arkorewrites, and some of her works has been published in Elegance Dreamers Anthology, TVOTRIBE, The sailors review and the likes...
You can connect with her on WhatsApp 08104680447.

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