What does gratitude mean to you? Is it just that feeling you have when something good happens to you? If yes, what happens to the time when things might be falling apart? At that point, do you not forget about those little things that have made you smile before? 

This is already sounding like a sermon. Let's retrace our steps. 

Gratitude is not just a once-in-a-while feeling. Instead, it should be a consistent way of thinking that takes practice and hard work to make it part of your everyday behavior.

When we are down and things are not going the way we want, it is very easy to forget those things that matter because our focus is on the one bothering us. It is important to know that it would help not to take them for granted. 

This is not some acquire to require the desire of your conspire(wrong inspiration) post where we tell you how to be grateful for the things you have so that great things can start coming. Instead, the purpose of this post is to remind you of those things you should be thankful for, no matter what may come. 

At ArkoreWrites, we are grateful for all our readers who have been around for a while and even our lovely new readers, the writers who turned up for our call for submissions, and everyone else. This is the reason we have made a list of things to be thankful for that you can use to spark your gratitude. 

But before that, I heard someone from the backseat(literally) ask why we should be grateful. There is no greater magic to this than the fact that making a list of things to be thankful for help remind us just how many good things we have in our lives. This is especially important during times where it feels like many things are going wrong. 

Now, Here we go


  1. Your Life

  2. Your family

  3. Close friends

  4. Good health

  5. Your home

  6. Your job

  7. Healthy food

  8. Your education

  9. Your pets

  10. A good night’s sleep

  11. Technology

  12. A good book

  13. Music

  14. Waking up several hours after repeatedly snoozing your alarm

  15. Your celebrity crush

  16. The never-ending flow of memes on social media

  17. The ability to google any question

  18. Your favorite food

  19. Freedom of religion

  20. Throwback pictures

  21. Literacy

  22. Time

  23. Ability to criticize the government on social media

  24. Choices

  25. Long, late conversation

  26. Your favorite memories

  27. Seeing something from a different perspective

  28. Working with your hands

  29. Unconditional love

  30. Uncontrollable laughter

  31. Teachers who don’t give too many assignments

  32. Public holidays

  33. Your childhood crush

  34. Beautiful night rests

  35. Weekends

  36. Smartphones

  37. Pain

  38. Eyesight

  39. Waking up today

  40. Ability to annoy your younger siblings

  41. Ability to ask your older siblings for money

  42. An internet connection

  43. Hearing

  44. Touch

  45. Smell

  46. Taste

  47. Ability to watch and join banter on social media

  48. Birthday

  49. Party rice

  50. Future

As funny as some of these things might be, thinking through them, you would notice that they are one of the many reasons we once had a smile on our faces. If you would like to be more grateful as you live each day, you may find having a gratitude journal helpful so you can document moments you should be grateful for, so that during sad moments, you can look back at them and smile. 

Let me know if this post is helpful enough in the comment section.


  1. Okay, this is funny , yet inspiring. I laughed, and I learnt. I'll start the gratitude journal too. Thanks for this , though I didn't have much teachers who gave little assignments 😂.

    1. My teachers are extra special😂😂 I am grateful you read this post and commented here🤭🤭

  2. Can I share this 😂. It is funny though but it is really awesome.

  3. Grateful for understanding parents too mehnnn

  4. Grateful for alot tho, time, family and maybe internet sha😂

    1. I am grateful you read this post and dropped a comment. Thank you.

  5. This is exceptionally beautiful. It reminded me of a lot I should be grateful for. Thank you.

    1. I'm grateful you read this post and dropped a comment. Thank you.


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