What Love Isn't


What Love isn't 

She said to me that afternoon that she was in love with me. It was that awkward because I didn't expect a girl to make the first move. I noticed something strange in the proposal. She wasn't asking me if I loved her back. She was rather helping me because she thought I was shy. Hmm, assumptions are never accurate. 

I was short of words. Her gaze was piercing and her heart inflamed by her desire to be with me. My silence was taken for consent. I was raped of my own free will. Was she good-looking? Yes. Was she fun to be with? Yes. Was she my choice? Let's find out. 

I'm the unassuming guy in my class, unpredictable for short. Being unpredictable opens you to different people's conclusion about you. I have a staring and smiling issue. If I did stare or smile at you, you'd probably think I was passing a message that only you could decode. This attitude was the beginning of my trouble. 

Cynthia was probably high from my misguided stares and incautious smile. She could obviously not hold her joy when I complimented her dress the other day. I guess her love language is words of affirmation. When I took interest in being friends with her because of her right attitude to learning, I didn't know she was already a step ahead of me in feelings. 

Did I notice? Yes. Did I expect her to pull a stunt? Maybe or maybe not. How do I tell her how I feel and not hurt her innocent soul? Or should I just fall in the same love boat with her?

Let's continue in the next episode... 

Bio: I am a student of English at Obafemi Awolowo University. 


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